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Enhance Your Intimate Moments with Dildos in Edmonton


If you are looking for a specific item, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to help.

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Sometimes, you need a little extra stimulation to help you hit those extra levels of delectable pleasure. Sometimes, all you need is to explore your own sexuality a little better. Whatever you are looking for, The Passion Vault’s exciting selections of dildos in Edmonton are just what you need. Our dildos are crafted sensually with the kinds of contours and designs to ensure an amazing experience every time you use them. But that’s not all - regular use of our dildos will help you understand your own sexuality well enough to know what you need from your partner. Still on the fence about trying out a dildo? Perhaps, these reasons may help you decide.

Understand your sexual needs

The use of a dildo can help you explore the limits of your sensual desires without any hesitation. You can pleasure yourself at your own convenience and on your terms. Little surprise, then that studies have actually proved that you can achieve orgasms with dildos.

Improve your sexual wellness

Is your sex drive hitting a low? Anxiety or fears ruining your sexual adventures? Dildos can help. Using a dildo can help you figure out the issues you are facing and help you work on them, so you can get back to fully enjoying yourself once again.

Make your relationships more exciting

A drop in sexual chemistry between partners is quite normal. You’d be surprised at how much our dildos and other varieties of sex toys can help spice up your relationships once again. Why settle for ‘okay’ when you can achieve ‘amazing’?

Have your own kind of fun

Sometimes, you may find that nobody can please you the way you can - and we understand. That’s why we have the best range of dildos in Edmonton, each kind designed specifically keeping your needs in mind. Take a look at our collection.

What Kinds of Dildos Can I Have?

There are more types of dildos than can be listed anywhere. Dildos can be grouped under many kinds:

By feel

Some types of dildos are more realistic than others. You can even find dildos designed to feel as though they have natural skin. Others are designed so that they can replicate the contours of veins, wrinkles and other contours.

By function

Mechanical dildos have an extra ‘oomph’ factor - don’t be surprised even to find dildos that can ‘squirt’ into you. Dildo-vibrator hybrids are also in fashion today.

By material

You can find dildos made out of glass, jelly, Cyberskin and so on.

By design

Some dildos may not be designed to resemble a penis specifically. These specialized dildos can be designed with extra waves, ribs, weight or some other feature of a natural penis that you may specifically be looking for to achieve that extra pleasure. These types of dildos can be especially great when used along with our hair-raising BDSM experience.


Dildos also come in different sizes, some can be used as strap-ons, and others can be designed for double-penetration too - why should you limit your desires?

What Are You Waiting For?

Today, there is no end to how much pleasure you can demand. After all, unbridled pleasure is your right. With our specially crafted dildos in Edmonton, enjoy yourself a little more and push the limits of your desires. Couple up our dildos with our vibrators and have an out-of-the-world experience like never before. Contact The Passion Vault now.


What Is a Dildo?

It is a sex toy specially designed for the use of penetrative stimulation. When talking about appearance, you can imagine a flesh-coloured, penis-shaped toy. Dildos come in various sizes, styles, colours, textures, shapes, and materials. 


Why Glass Dildos?

As dildos come in various materials, solid borosilicate glass is one. They might appear to be delicate, but the glass used to make them is incredibly durable and can be used cold or hot without the risk of cracking, chipping, or breaking. They often come in textured and curved shapes to offer angled and intense pleasure.


Do I Need Lube When Using Dildos?

Yes, you will need a lot of lube to have a pleasurable and enjoyable play. Using a lubricant will help you achieve slippery, smooth, sensual insertion.


How Can I Maintain Dildos?

Proper care and maintenance play a crucial role if you want your dildo to last. The care guidelines are already included with your dildo for you to follow. The following are some general guidelines that apply to most dildos:

  • Properly cleaning and sterilizing your toys is essential, especially if you are going to share them in any way.

  • There is no improper lubrication, but all lubrication does not work with all types of materials.

  • Proper storage is as necessary as appropriate cleaning. It is always advised to store your toys in a cool, dry place as not doing so can lead to irreparable damage.


Looking for Lubes & Lotions?

Make your evening fun with our massage oils, lubricants, edible lotions, and more.

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