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Enchance Your Experience with Sex Lubricants in Edmonton


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If you want to enhance your sex life and explore new levels of pleasure with your partner, a lubricant or lotion might be right for you. At The Passion Vault, we offer these products in a variety of formulations to fill every need and accommodate any sensitivity or allergy. Here’s a rundown of the main types of lubricants, lotions and oils you can find at our store in Edmonton.


A lubricant does much more than alleviate vaginal dryness. These products can enhance your sex life regardless of age or gender by reducing friction to maximize pleasure. There are three main types of lube:


Water-based. This is the most versatile type of lubricant. While it needs to be re-applied fairly often, a water-based product is safe to use with condoms and silicone toys. It’s unlikely to irritate the skin, plus it washes off easily and won’t stain the sheets.

Silicone-based. This is a good choice if you have sensitive skin. It also lasts longer than water-based lubes and is perfect for shower sex. Just be careful when using silicone toys, as this type of lubricant can cause deterioration. A condom over the toy should provide ample protection.

There’s also a growing market for natural lubes, such as vegan and paraben-free options. Just be sure to choose a product that meets all of your needs.

Oil-based. This is a great option if you don’t want to re-apply, and it can double as a massage oil. However, using oil-based lube increases the risk of condom breakage and has been associated with higher rates of bacterial vaginosis. It’ll also ruin your bedding, so use with caution

Massage products

If you want to explore massage products, oils and lotions are the two available options.

Oils. You can opt for light, medium or heavy oil. Light oils absorb quickly into the skin and have a great moisturizing effect. Heavy oils are extremely slick and last longer, but they require more clean-up. Medium oils fall in between.

Lotions and creams. These products are thicker than oils, easier to manipulate and less likely to drip everywhere. Note that there’s usually little practical difference between lotions and creams.

Keep in mind that oils, lotions and creams come in various fragrances. They also have different levels of edibility. Make sure the product you choose meets your needs and is suitable for your intentions.

Looking to Create Memorable Moments?

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