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Ways to Play With a Bed Restraint System

legs tied up with bed restraints

If you're someone whose sexuality fairs on the side of the kinky, you're not alone. 84 percent of people want more kink in their lives. While kinky sex is considered taboo and usually avoided (or joked about) by mainstream media, it's an important part of contemporary life. 

While it's normal to want more kinky sex, it's not necessarily normal to get all you want out of the sexual world. If you're someone in the Edmonton area who wants to spice up your sexual life and have found yourself searching "bondage Edmonton" in an attempt to find ways to spice up your world, you've come to the right place.

This article will be your friendly introduction to bed red restraint systems so that you can introduce not-so-friendly sex into your life. 


What Is a Bed Restraint System? 

A bed restraint system — or under bed restraints — is a sex toy that takes a lot of the complications out of kinky sex. Now, you don't need to choose between settling for kinky sex or investing tons of time and effort into learning how to tie complicated knots. You can buy a bed restraint system and enjoy your newfound sexuality. 


Under-bed systems contain two parts — the restraints and the part that goes under the bed. This effectively turns your bed into a kinky sex toy.


It can add an extra level of spontaneity and sexuality to your life to know that at any moment you or your partner wants (depending on who's dominant and who's submissive) something as innocent as a bed can turn into something as dirty as... well... we'll leave that up to your imagination. 


What Are Some Good Bondage Positions? 

Now that you've got your under bed restraints, it's time to get right down to it and have some sex. But what are the best sex positions for under the bed restraints? 


The addition of bed restraints can extremely transfigure a simple missionary position.


Rather than a semi-chase, restrained form of sex that allows two people two practically hug when they're bangin', missionary becomes an affair where the restrained person's legs are strung out, their hands tied up. They're at the full mercy of the person above them.


Rather than conservative, the missionary position becomes extremely libertine, leaving all of the front sides of your body out for your partner to do whatever they want to it.


At The Passion Vault, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention one of our favourite positions of all time. If a bed restraint system can make missionary position kinky, it can make Doggystyle extremely hot.


Imagine the impersonal, visceral, beautiful joy of Doggystyle, combined with restraints on your arms that force you to stay bent over and serve your partner. If you're interested in kinky sex, you probably know already how great it's going to be to experience this. 


Bondage Edmonton 

It's no use hiding it anymore. People want kinky sex in their lives. Make yourself stand out from the crowd and embrace your sexuality today. 


If you've found yourself googling "bondage Edmonton," you don't need to search anymore. Buy a wonderful sex toy from our website, and you're well on your way to achieving the sex life of your dreams. 

For more information, contact us today.


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